New Customers Post #4

One of the most important aspects of my job as Sales Associate at Callaghan Promotions has been trying to get more sales for the company. In order to do this, I have reached out to companies in the community and have researched products that would be interesting to them. Sometimes I just go to the company’s website and look at the newest products that are available because people are generally interested in the newest thing. Recently I have been trying to promote a product to outdoors recreation centers that rent out stand up paddle boards. A product that I think would be really useful as a promotional product is a waterproof wireless speaker that has a suction cup that can attach right to the board. This way customers can listen to music while they paddle without worrying that they will drop their phones in the water. I have contacted companies locally and also out west since the weather is better for year-round paddling out there and would have a larger market for the product. I am interested in seeing where this project will take me and how companies respond to the product information.waterproofspeaker


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