Marketing: The New and Unknown


As a PitE and International Studies major, my internship working for a solar company in a foreign country is an ideal fit for me. However, as the Marketing and Development Intern, I had a lot of learning to do in the beginning.

Learning about the influence of marketing, business development, and strategic planning had a great effect on me. While I was out of my comfort zone at first having had no experience with marketing, I grew to understand that no matter what field you are interested in, this aspect of any organization is essential. Marketing requires creativity, forward thinking, multi-tasking, and great organization skills. I was fascinated to understand patterns of customer behavior, and how important it is to proactively reach your audience.

Before my internship, I did not fully appreciate the marketing field. But after many instances of being stumped, questioning progress, planning schedules, working with designers, and aiming to be creative and simple and on point all at the same time, I now understand that all types of organizations will undoubtedly benefit from a strong marketing team. Therefore, I believe that this understanding and experience has definitely benefitted me largely.


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