Influence of an Internship | #5

My summer in Grand Rapids concluded nearly a week ago, but my time working with Spectrum Health certainly has not. I have since returned to campus to begin RA training and have unfortunately only had a little time to dedicate to my work. But, I am looking forward to finalizing my day to day schedule so I can continue working for them. The internship taught me a lot of things, both in the field of computer science and in ways that are a little intangible. The art of communication, project management, and a little more direction in the classes that I want to take. As far as my career plans go, it’s solidified my interest in the health care field. I was incredibly lucky to find such an opportunity to combine my passion for health care and computer science, and even luckier to have had that opportunity go so well. Pictured below are a group of fellow co-op students and I, excited for both the school year and continuing our time with Spectrum Health!



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