Impact of my Internship | #5

Interning on a congressional campaign has impacted almost every facet of my life. From your daily routine and eating habits, to your clothing choice and sleeping patterns – a congressional campaign makes a ton of difference.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to plan your daily routine and be aware of your health and eating habits when you’re busy and stressed. Too many people opt for quick and unhealthy snacks when on the campaign trail or in the office. I had to constantly fight that urge and make sure I always packed a lunch or brought a healthy snack when necessary.

I’ve also learned to be versatile in everything. Whether it meant having a change of clothes and shoes in my car for an event or canvassing shift or carrying literature around in my backpack in case I had the opportunity to engage with voters. The campaign taught me to be ready for anything at any moment.

The campaign has also had a huge impact on my work ethic. I’ve spent many late nights and early mornings working for the campaign. There have been deadlines I executed stress free and others I ended up cramming the night before. I’ve learned how to best manage my time and work, being productive while note wasting time.

Overall, I can thank the campaign for its enormous impact on my life. I have definitely grown a lot in my  personal and professional life as a result of this summer internship. This has left an immediate impact on my political views and views on life, but has also altered my future path and career goals.


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