Being genuine| Week 3

Have you found a great mentor?  If so, what makes him/her great?

During my internship in Hong Kong, I found a great mentor/doctor. With his genuine personality, I aspire to be just as pure hearted as him in the future. You may ask what makes him so great? During our breaks he often spoke to me, and helped me adjusted to the work life in the clinic. He talked about his long path before finally going to medical school. Before that he was a barista and owned his own coffee shops in Canada. Then he became a music teacher at an university in Canada through his love for music. However, later on he studied biomedical engineering in Canada before returning to Hong Kong to learn Chinese medicine. His story was amazing and encouraging. He told me that there was no rush in life and that sooner or later you will find the profession you truly love. He also talked about his ideals as a doctor. He told me that often people become doctors because of the high income. Indeed being a doctor, one will always have a steady income since the world is always in need of healers. However, my mentor told me to never let money blind you in treating people. He believes that a doctor should never lie to the patients in order to make more money because people put their trust and their lives in the doctors hands. After hearing his beliefs, I was extremely moved. He was so honest to me. Even as he was consulting the patients, I could see the kindness shine through his eyes as he rarely and throughly explained everything to the patients and their families. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet and learn for him and I hope one day I will be just as great of a doctor as him.


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