Summer in Chi City | #4

The first time I visited Chicago I was in third grad and on a brownie trip gone rogue. My mom and her fellow troop leaders decided that year that instead of learning wilderness skills at a real camp, our badges would be earned by hitting the American Girl Doll store on Michigan Avenue. Fast forward ten years and I still had the preconceived notion that Chicago was mostly a shopping haven that somehow connected to Lake Michigan, even though its set in Illinois.

Little did I know that Chicago is very large with eclectic neighborhoods, numerous college towns, a popular baseball team and an adventurous night scene. I do admit that I didn’t take advantage of living in Chicago as much as I should have, but from my own experiences and from those of my friends, I did come to learn a lot about this unique city. After being less than pleased with my summer in New York City, I had feared that large cities weren’t for me; however, I was impressed by how Chicago’s clean metropolitan streets met the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan. From Lollapallooza to movie screenings by the bean, there was never a dull week night or weekend in the city. If I didn’t have fun one night, I really only had myself to blame; to prove my point, even Chance the Rapper put on a free show out of the blue. With all that said, I still want to explore my options for after graduation; however, for anyone that didn’t feel connected to the busy life of NYC, this Midwestern twist on a city life may be for you.


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