Summer Finale | #5

This summer has been extremely beneficial for me. I’ve never had an internship so I was grateful and excited when I received my offer. This was my first experience working in an office setting in corporate America. I really appreciate all of the responsibility I was given as an intern. I had the same role as all of my teammates. We verified home owner’s insurance for refinances and our work really did determine if someone’s loan could close. My only complaint is that I didn’t take as much advantage of my opportunities as I should have. Quicken Loans gives its interns the opportunity to grow and develop during their summers. There were so many opportunities and resources and I should have utilizes them more. I learned more about myself and my career interests this summer as well. I could see myself returning to Quicken Loans but on a different team than the one I’m on now. I’m also grateful for the freedom I was given this summer. I was treated the same as a full time team member. My leader wasn’t watching me all day to make sure I was doing production; I was given the freedom to freely explore my options this summer without interference. This was a really valuable experience and I would definitely recommend it to someone who’s looking for an internship in downtown Detroit.



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