Shanghai Headquarters

The solar company I intern for this summer distributes solar technology all throughout the world and is based in Shanghai, China. Yet, the company does not ship out products to sell within China. As a newcomer to the business world, this strategy didn’t make sense at first. But as I learned more and more about the organization from the inside, I learned about its marketing tactics.

As a company that manufactures in China, there is fear of public criticism that the quality of the products wouldn’t be high, since there are so many companies that manufacture in China. However, by having both the headquarters and product assembly in Shanghai, this solar company made itself stand out amongst its competitors. The company management is in close quarters with the logistic side of the sales, meaning that there is top quality assurance and guaranteed satisfaction for customers. The strategic placing of the headquarters allows for this solar company to have a hands-on approach to every step of production, meaning increased trust among all customers and potential partners.

Learning about the business world while being a part of it felt like a hands-on approach to learning. Many aspects and processes of business/sales are incorporated into any type of organization, whether business-related or not, which is why this internship has been a very valuable learning experience as an student looking ahead to the work force.Symtech-Solar-Atlas-Commercial-PV-Systems-Slide-1


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