Future School, Career, and Personal Plans | Blog Post III

How has your internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or personal plans?


My internship has made me think a lot about my future such as my school, career, and personal plans.  For my internship, I was a research intern at Taipei Medical University’s School of Health Care Administration.  Although I enjoyed what I did, it wasn’t as stimulating as I wanted it to be at times.  Health care administration is still a career option that I will consider and still want to learn more about, but it’s not something I am passionate enough about at this point in my life.

Consequently, this has influenced my near future internship plans.  I’m currently at a stage in my life where I am allowed to explore my interests without any real life repercussions.  As a result, I want to look for an internship next summer with a focus on business administration, human resources, or marketing.  I’m hoping to find an internship in the States, but I’m also opened to interning in Asia again.

This internship has had the biggest impact on my personal plans.  Like before, after college, I still plan on working for a few years and then continue on to graduate school.  However, before, I had only thought about working in the States.  After interning in Taipei, I realized that there is so much out there in the world I haven’t seen and still want to explore such as the people, food, and culture.  I love how global of a city Taipei is and how infectious it is to meet and get to know people from all different types of backgrounds working there.

Overall, I am very grateful and happy for my internship and experiences in Taipei and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities life has to offer in the upcoming years.






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