Final Thoughts | #5

Just like that, the 12 weeks of my Meijer internship are over! From building a community of new friends and team members at Meijer to developing invaluable skills that can be applied in all types of situations, I truly felt like I benefitted in many ways this summer.

    There were times that I felt unprepared for the challenge that is my intern project, but I realized by the end that my team definitely knew what I was ready for and made sure to guide me minimally but efficiently. In the long run, this was good because it made me confident about making my own decisions and really preparing for that transition into the work field.
    I think the part I loved the most about this internship was how each intern was given a different project to focus on and present at the end of the summer. This gave us all a chance to learn something new and not being doing the same day-to-day tasks for 12 weeks. I was able to focus on developing my project for the first 10 weeks and after presenting that week, I got the chance to meet with members of different fields within Meijer for the two final weeks to learn more about their role and how they got there. It was great to have that touch base with different employees, because I got to learn more about other areas such as Space Planning and Product Development that I am interested in.
    Overall, I was very happy with my summer experience and I am excited to see what I can keep adding to my newly gained knowledge! I’d definitely recommend a Meijer internship to anyone considering or at least visiting Grand Rapids because it’s a beautiful and lively city!

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