Bittersweet Endings |Final Reflection Topic

During my last week at MiHIN, we had a staff trip to a Lugnuts game. It was there that it hit me how much I was going to miss all of the people I had met and worked alongside all summer. The great part about being at a small health IT company just past the startup stage, is that everyday is fast paced. That kind of environment fosters amazing relationships and teamwork among employees. Even though I was only there for 4 months, I feel as if I have accomplished and learned so much with each person there.

Filling out the internship evaluation made me realize how much I really had gained from this internship experience. Besides making great friends who will be connections in the IT industry, I learned so much about IT, Health IT, office culture, professionalism, and also myself. This internship showed me so many more opportunities and career paths that I had never even known about before. I learned that I love IT and that it is way more complex than I previously thought. I learned that I am interested in cybersecurity and networking and how critical it is to businesses and society. On top of all of this I learned how to manage administrative duties for various accounts including Microsoft 365 for the entire company. I had admin access to every single employee’s email account including the executive director. I also had access to everybody’s machines through a MDM which I helped to deploy. I never thought I would have that much responsibility during an internship position. But that is what is so great about Michigan Health Information Network. Interns are truly part of the team. Working here has made such an impact on my personal and professional life. I am so thankful for my experiences at MiHIN and for the Internship Networking for helping to make it possible.


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