Volunteering! | #4

Over the past ten weeks I have been working at Target as an Executive Team Leader Intern in human resources (ETL-HR). One of the main focuses of Target’s ETL-HRs is to develop and maintain a company culture that promotes inclusivity in order to build a true team. Volunteering is one of the ways that we help maintain this culture and it was one of my favorite experiences throughout the summer. It can be difficult to build strong relationships with coworkers while working, so getting outside of the workplace and interacting with coworkers while helping the community is an amazing experience.

The very first volunteer event was just a few days after I started my internship; a group of about 15 employees went to a middle school in Ypsilanti to volunteer our time by helping them run their field day events. The purpose of the event was to get kids out of the classroom and excited about exercising and being healthy. Aside from helping in the community, this volunteer event gave me a chance early in my internship to bond with the team that I would be working with for the next ten weeks.

One of my other favorite volunteering experiences was when all of the interns in the district went to Gleaners Community Food Bank. We spent the afternoon putting together boxes of food; in the end we packaged 2,710 pounds of food! This event gave us the opportunity to connect with other interns in the district. Volunteering is a great way to help out in the community, and is a great way to build strong relationships with your team!


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