Reflection #5

My internship was in Ann Arbor and even though I lived in Michigan my whole life Ann Arbor is different from Detroit. Based on my experience people that live in Ann Arbor are super friendly and maybe because our University is public it seems that everyone wants to party and have fun! During the semester the streets are packed and crowded with students who are trying to get to class on time, or work. It is most definitely more safe to walk the streets of Ann Arbor at night, with a group of friends of course. While Detroit is not really that crowded with college students, and you shouldn’t walk around at night. Both places has its pro’s and con’s but I do not mind staying in Ann Arbor for 3 more years. It is always something to do in Ann Arbor even in the summer when there isn’t even half the amount of students that are at the university in the fall. I do miss being in Detroit but I do appreciate Ann Arbor!


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