It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

My internship in India has been absolutely amazing. Everyday I had a pleasant experience with the unexpected. I went in to my internship thinking how I could be of service and what I could offer to the people of India, but little did I know  India had so much more to offer me. I completely let go of the familiar and allowed myself to be fully immersed in my new environment. Over my month long stay abroad, I have fallen in love with everything Delhi- the lively atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of the New Delhi streets. Some how I had adapted to the ‘crazy’ of Delhi. I began to find my place as everything around me settled into its own. I was no longer anxious and afraid of what Delhi had to offer, but inviting. I had opened up and began to see the vast opportunities and adventures that awaited me. Being surrounded by such a rich and beautiful culture, friendly citizens, warm and genuine interns/housemates, I could not have asked for a better Indian experience.

As I take this time to reflect, I cannot go without discussing one of the most memorable moments of my internship. It was a trip to a boys and girls government school located in the Tagore Garden section of Delhi. The school teaches girls in the early mornings and then dismisses them so that boys can be taught in the afternoon. Being that it is a government school,  a lot of the children are poor an can barely afford a proper education. The school provides uniforms, food, and textbooks so that the students can have an opportunity to learn.

A few of the interns in my project designed a health presentation to educate the children on the importance of breast cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. It was their goal to educate the young girls in hopes that they would teach their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers the importance of health screenings. When we arrived, the school was buzzing with excitement. The young girls were overjoyed to see us walk in. I am sure many of them had no prior interactions with foreigners, so to get the opportunity was quite exciting. Despite their inability to speak English, the girls were so eager to interact with all of us. We hugged, laughed, took pictures, and even signed autographs ( I know, you would think we were celebs), but to know these girls found such happiness within our visit, made me completely elated. It really warmed my heart to be able to spend time with them. The visit was truly a beautiful experience and one I will never forget. 


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