International Contracting Congress | Blog #2

Although this blog is also posted after the fact, these words come from the reflection I wrote after the event had happened that same day. On June 22, 2016 I had the chance to attend the international conference that was moderated by the Climate Protection and Energy Agency (KEA) I am currently interning with. It was a day long event in Stuttgart that featured many different people from other energy agencies, to contractors involved in the installation of the new energy systems, to local governments aiming to promote energy contracting. The conference involved different introductory speeches to start with targeted workshops and presentations on the different aspects on energy contracting later on in the afternoon. I was able to observe several different workshops that were moderated by my colleagues at KEA  and experience what a large scale meeting with well over 100 attendees from all over Europe was like.

I found the speaker at the beginning of the conference, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, to be very passionate and interesting. He was speaking about his latest book, “Factor Five: Transforming the Global Economy through 80 % Improvements in Resource Productivity” and was able to put the active climate protection that the conference is promoting in context. The other presentations were somewhat more difficult for me to understand due to the language being extremely technical and my German vocabulary not consisting of those types of words. Overall, it seemed to be a successful event and went a long way for fostering new business relationships between energy agencies and contractors. The energy performance contracting that is performed in the end is multifaceted and it is imperative that smaller contractors without the experience can work with agencies that can help with planning, funding, and implementation.


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