Reflections | #5

It has been nearly 4 months since I’ve began my internship here at the University of Michigan department of Emergency Medicine. Throughout my time here I’ve created an impressive network of professionals in my career field and have gained so many necessary skills. While my first month had a steep learning curve, I have learned so much and still am with my time here. I now know how to code in MatLab, consent patients for clinical research, run an experimental device used to improve patient care, and countless other things from my surgical animal lab.

All these things would take years to accumulate on my own but with the outstanding experiences I’ve had with my time here I will retain these for a long time.  I’ve been asked to reflect on my time here as an intern. That’s hard to do. I have done and learned so much it seems almost impossible to describe it all in writing, I have a difficult time excitingly trying to articulate what I do here with people back home.

As my time as an intern here comes to a close I look forward to my continued work with this group and the work we will do in the future.


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