Reflection | Final Blog

I enjoyed my internship experience this summer. Initially I did not have a full and complete idea of what exactly the internship was going to be like. However, it did meet my expectations based on what I was told the job would be like. The experience did push me to go against my emotions. Sometimes I would get stuck in my head and become a little indecisive. My supervisors would then push me in the right direction. The biggest takeaway I got from them was that if I just start taking action without overthinking anything, I could become a lot more productive.

Sometimes I did feel that the work I was doing was a little redundant. Although, I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to spend the summer in New York City and gain many different types of experiences in a short 2 month span. Furthermore, the experience allowed me to develop my overall knowledge of the biotechnology industry and the venture capital industry. I have considered Venture capital to be an industry that I could potentially see myself in several years into my Finance career.

Lastly, I was able to develop a better work ethic, which I can apply to my future studies, internships, and jobs.


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