Change of Perspective #3

Being involved with cardiovascular research has surely opened up my mind regarding the endless possibilities within healthcare. Although my ideal job is not research, in particular, this opportunity in the lab has given me a first-hand perspective on what it takes to be a research scientist. I have been able to see what goes on every day in the office along with in the lab. From grant proposals to experiment presentations, I have had the chance to get a taste of it all.

While watching scientists from my lab present their experiments, I have become aware that many of them have a thorough understanding of computer programming. This observation has driven me to take on some sort of minor involving either statistics or computer science. I have become aware of how valuable this skill is and have seen how it can add that much more to your skill set in today’s age. Now although all labs are not as computer science operated as the one I am in, the power of data itself has become crucial – no matter if it’s collecting data or using data to create models of biochemical reactions. To conclude, the more one has to offer, the better of they will be.


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