Ah, The Future – #3

How has my internship affected my future goals?

Academic Goals

Since I started working on research projects as a sophomore at U of M, I’ve realized I love research. My internship has continuously reminded me of my passion for learning and discovery, and it’s not a new change.

I am certainly anxious for the school year to start, because the analysis of the data I am collecting will greatly affect my decision to continue school for a Master’s or PhD in Medieval history. This is my first experience with a historical research project, and I’m not sure what to expect yet.

Career Decisions

This internship has made me realize that it would definitely be possible for me to have a career in research. I have the determination and work-ethic to work independently and I enjoy the work. Whether I decide to have a career in academia, requiring much more schooling is still to be decided. I think I could do it – but do I want to? Answer unclear.

But research for an independent company or institute (especially if they only require a bachelor’s degree), sure!

Personal Goals

One thing is for certain, my internship has reassured me that I still love my project and question, and I think my honor’s thesis is possible! It is so important for me to not give up on this project. I can do it, no matter how tough it has been and will be in the future. Although the completion of my project seems so far away, and sometimes it is hard to stay encouraged, the payoff will be worth all the hard work I have put in along the way.



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