A Picture Tells a Thousands Words | Post #2

BBQ Pic with people hanging out

Can you tell the difference between the community organizer and the community member in this picture. Probably not. I believe that this is what makes Brilliant Detroit different. Most community organizations come in with a “Savior” complex that can be detrimental to both the community and the non-profit. The community is a vital part of the mission of the organization. We asked them for suggestions and ideas and then implement those ideas to help create a better neighborhood. The picture above is a great example of that. At the start of my internship community members at out Cody Rouge expressed interest in having a community bbq, which would allow neighbors to meet one another. We also knew that a community event could lead to positive interactions and trust within the community. So, we began to plan the bbq and it was a success. Community members were able to meet, dance, and eat!


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