A Hillspiration

capitolCapitol Hill. In my opinion, the epitome of my D.C. experience. Even as a non-Hilltern this place was central to my time in D.C. As both a place that I visited for work, and for fun, the Capitol is truly an inspiration. Within it work the hundreds of men and woman who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our nation. As someone who only considered myself moderately political before my internship began (and now gorges herself on our current political chaos like any intern at a free lunch), I can truly say that this place changed my life. After months of weekly, if not sometimes daily, trips to and from the Capitol for various meetings, forums, hearings, tours, and photo-ops, D.C. has come to feel like home. My internship was more than a job; it was an opportunity to change my perspective, and ultimately my goals. That’s why to me, this picture stands as the best representation of my internship, because it was there that my internship took on true meaning in the form of a new purpose and a desire to return and work in D.C.


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