What has most surprised me about my internship? #2

I think what has most surprised me about my internship was how “laid back” the atmosphere has been. For example, I have this set image of what attire and how people would act in a professional atmosphere. However that has not been the case most of the time at the company I intern at. The attire is casual there and it makes it super comfortable to work in. Also everyone is super friendly and helpful and don’t make me complete ludicrous assignments like the ones that are depicted in cinematic media of interns.

Another thing that has surprised me is the different departments in the company. I mean I’m aware that companies have multiple functions that need special attention but it kind of surprised me of the different positions people with the same major hold. I always assumed that if you have X major you work in Y fields. But there is quite the variety in the company.

The final thing that is surprising is that you kind of never stop learning at this company regardless of what field or department you work in. That’s awesome to me because it keeps you on your toes and it keeps you asking questions. You will forever be using you’re problem solving skills! I love the experience of working in a professional setting because I feel like I’m well prepared as far as what to expect in my future internship/career.


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