Funding Hope (Part 3)

The last two weeks have been marked by a reprieve to the personnel challenges that afflicted our team in the weeks prior. We have begun on-boarding new hires, and the employees we have on staff are exhibiting higher productivity than they had previously. What my recent experiences have made most clear to me is that training is a living process. Team members require recurring guidance, they need to be communicated with. To effectively align employee efforts with company objectives, leaders must actively instruct team members. I am empowering employees within my team by opening discourse with them on what they’re interested in and what their previous experiences have entailed. Rather than trying to slide a new hire into a previous employee’s position, I am encouraging new employees to carve out their own place in our company’s operation.

This new method has made an impact on one department already. Loss prevention within our retail operation has been more a dream than a process for us, but recently that has shown signs of change. One new team member, who expressed fondness for a previous role in which he conducted loss prevention, is taking the lead on the process within our store now. He has taken to loss monitoring processes with enthusiasm and is already recommending improvements to how we carry out deterrence. His excitement about improving our store’s security has been uplifting to witness. I am left feeling optimism not just for our new training method, but for the tangible events that its generating.


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