Final Week – #5

I had a truly incredible summer, and am so thankful to have worked at Reader’s Digest. The experience really solidified my intention of going into the field of publishing after I graduate. I loved that no two days in the editorial department were the same. Each day I was able to research different topics and write various articles. I enjoyed the fast-paced environment, as I found it both challenging and exciting.

It was eye-opening to work for an editorial department that was heavily involved in both print and digital. I was able to be a part of both the rush of putting out numerous articles each day, while also witnessing the careful craft that went into creating the magazine each month. Going forward, I can see myself working for another publishing in which I am able to work with both the print and digital aspects of the publication.

I am so grateful that Reader’s Digest gave all of their interns so much responsibility, and treated us like staff members. Because of this, I gained confidence in my writing ability. Throughout the next year, Reader’s Digest has offered me the opportunity to continue to freelance for them, and I am so excited to continue being a part of their team! This was a summer that I will never forget, and I’m so excited to see where my career takes me next year.


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