Favorite Experience | #4

Over the course of my internship in the Finance Department at Ford Motor Company, I’ve been able to experience the culture here at Ford, through all of the intern events that are hosted for us.

A few of these events revolved around networking and getting to meet higher level management at the company. As an intern, I didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity to be in the same room as these executives, let alone, being able to ask them questions! I really enjoyed being able to meet, network and sit-in on talks given to us by these executives!

First off, we were able to attend a special town hall event in which Ford’s CEO, Mark Fields, addressed the summer interns. When he entered the room he was very down-to-earth and was happy to talk to interns individually. Later, he spoke on his experiences at Ford, as well as, what it took for him to become the CEO of such a large and well-known company. I enjoyed being able to see this different perspective on the company and gain a real-world experience of what the day of a CEO looks like. He was also happy to answer any questions we had, from work-life balance to anything on company initiatives.

Next, we were also able to attend a dinner in which we had the opportunity to network with Ford Finance executives. This was an interesting experience because we were able to see the depth of finance at Ford. I was able to see all of the different branches of finance and ask these individuals any questions I had about their positions. I didn’t know how extensive the Finance department actually was, up until I met with these executives.

In all, I really like how approachable the executives at Ford were and how open they were in answering any questions we had about Ford or individual positions! Thus, my favorite experience during my internship has been networking and meeting these Executives!


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