Sharing a few thoughts | #4


As I reflect on my internship, my perspectives about the environment have remained similar, but my perspective about myself as shifted. As a culture, the Clinical Psychology Unit does an excellent job of making a comfortable and relaxed work environment for all, yet also productive and efficient. This is a balance that I was not expecting to see before my internship. At school, I feel that myself and everyone around me is constantly under high stress and that is the environment that makes us most productive, however, after working at the University of Sydney, I see that I was wrong. Initially I thought that a high stress environment equated to productivity, almost as if stress was an essential element to work. As I leave my internship, this is one of my greatest takeaways. I hope to bring the relaxed work environment but also a hard work ethic back to Michigan. Though at times my work was stressful, I always enjoyed myself and felt calm during the work day. I think that my internship work environment mirrors the culture of Sydney, a “no worries” kind of environment and one that fosters a pleasurable work space. A new observation I noticed is the importance of breaks. At my last internship in the U.S., often times the employees were too busy to take breaks and ate lunch at their desk. My internship has taught me that no matter what, a 30-minute break from your desk is essential! Not only does it help clear your thoughts and refreshes your mind for when you come back, but it has given me the opportunity to connect with many more colleagues then I otherwise would have throughout my internship. Another observation I noticed is the business causal work attire. While I was not expecting my colleagues to be dressed in suits and ties, the attire was more causal than I had anticipated. I think that this attire also helped structure the relaxed work environment (not to mention, it made people much more approachable!)


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