What type of programs/initiatives does your company host to foster staff relationships? | Prompt #4

The firm I’m working at focuses strongly on introducing new interns to different areas of the business and to the people who work within them. During my first week, meetings were arranged for me with several different teams and lunch outings were arranged for me with several different managers. Both of these were great experiences. During the team meetings, each group of people I spoke with was excited to tell me about what they did and to offer invitations to work with them. While at lunch with managers, I was given the opportunity to build relationships with interesting people with whom I wouldn’t normally very often have the chance to interact.

The result of these opportunities was that I’ve had additional meaning and context added to the work that I’m doing. Rather than simply being given an assignment and a deadline, I have conversations with the people who need the work done, understand what larger goal my work is being put towards, and feel that I’m contributing as part of a whole rather than as a detached office drone.

These things make the experience more satisfying — positive relationships with the people you’re working with can make all the difference when it comes to powering through the day-to-day grind — but also will allow me to leave the firm with an experience made more valuable. Even without so much prodding from the firm, I’d likely have built relationships and been connected with the larger picture. Working with rather than against the current, however, not only has allowed me to increase the volume of connections made, but to build relationships that feel like they will be strong and enduring.


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