Location Observation | #4

The Sunshine state definitely lives up to its name. Even though I am missing the wonderful Michigan summer, south Florida has provided me with more than just vitamin D. Along with work experience, my internship this summer has given me an opportunity to discover a new city and state. Living between Fort Lauderdale and Miami has never been a location without some kind of entertainment whether it be a concert, water activity, or a new restaurant to try.

One thing I learned, and am not sure if I am okay with yet, is that people born and raised in Miami can absolutely tell that I am from out of town. I haven’t figured out how they immediately know, but maybe I never will. If I were to move here I would hope to get better at my Spanish speaking skills. I have taken Spanish classes but nothing makes you more fluent than being immersed in the language and Miami is a good place to do just that. The diversity and culture of this area has been something I have always wanted to experience more of.

The beaches and outdoor activities of Florida are hard to beat and I am sure I would appreciate them even more in the winter months when Michigan is in quite the opposite weather situation. Luckily for me, during the month of August Miami has their version of restaurant week and I have had the opportunity to try some of the best restaurants in the area. One of my favorite areas to walk around is the Wynwood art district. While the Miami area has provided me with much entertainment and sunshine, I have noticed that it does not have as much of a technology centered career scene as other places across the country. I am not certain of how important that fact is to me and my future plans, but it would be nice to meet other people in my field.



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