Impact of My Internship Experience: #5

I can’t believe my internship has come to an end. I have to admit that it was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my summer. The professional knowledge I have gained, the amazing people I have worked with and the essential skills I have improved on proved the significant impact of my summer internship at PwC. This experience made me fall in love with both working as an Assurance and the working environment of one of the top accounting firms.





On the last day of my internship, I was a little upset instead of feeling relieved as I have expected. I did not want to leave the workplace, where I gained one of the best working experiences. Looking back at the past month, I was surprised at how much accounting knowledge I have learned. Working on the tasks given by my managers, I got the opportunity to work on difficult projects and approach accounting concepts I have never touched on before. I found the process of analyzing financial statements of client companies to be challenging but exciting. At the same time, I evaluated clients’ internal risk control and proposed effective risk reduction strategies. Such experience greatly improved my quantitative analysis skills and gave me a strong statistical background.

As a rising sophomore, I found it to be a great opportunity to gain an early exposure to the real world experience of working as an assurance, a career I consider to pursue after graduation. I truly enjoyed the corporate culture of PwC, where people are always there to help and focus on the importance of teamwork. I have met some inspiring and motivational individuals from interns to managers and clients, expanding my social network and honing my inter-personal skills. The overall internship was fun and insightful. I was glad that I took the challenge to work at one of the top accounting firms during my freshman summer. I truly enjoy and appreciate my internship experience at PwC and would definitely come back in the future.


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