#5 The Last Day: Meeting with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Jekora Ventures Waste Company

Wednesday was the last day that we were in Accra so we worked to conduct and finish up our last interviews. To start off the day we met up with two workers in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. They went over what the ministry does as well as previous ventures in the past. We learned that have been able to successfully put a ban on all imported refrigerators, reducing the waste of them. The Ministry of Trade and Industry works with the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency in setting some standards, and is tasked with inspection of imports. Inspections of imports is hard because it is virtually impossible to know what is the waste and what works. They recommend that the Ghana EPA needs to put and ma

One of the Ministry of Trade and Industry worker thinks that the best way to reduce e-waste is to bring it in but gradually stop the importation of electronics at the time computer assemblies and other tech plants are build. They recommended that support systems need to accomdate displace e-waste workers. Give them supplies, set up cluster progra, put all for example automachanics in one area. As a whole the Ministry of Trade and Industry were very informative.

Our last interview of the trip was with the Innovations Manager at Jekora Ventures. Jekora Ventures is a private waste management company that services a variety of areas. Jekora Ventures is one of the first waste management companies who started to collect e-waste. Currently they are collecting the waste and storing it in a warehouse. They are waiting for a private entity to come and buy the collected waste. Jekora Ventures is seeking to set the standard of a potential new way to handle e-waste.

After our interview we went back and reflected on all the things we heard throughout the week. From the workers stories to the government agencies objectives to professsors research. We were glad to have the opportunity to work on the project, to make connections, and connect people to each other who are working on the same goal. As the weeks go forward I look forward to working with my partner on finishing the case study. It is truly an experience I will never forget.


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