Radio Reflections | #5

Things have been winding down with my internship, or—which may be more accurate—things have been getting scattered in the whirlwind of pre-semester madness. In exactly one month I will have left the country for a study abroad experience in London, and I will have left many of the familiar names and places at U-M behind. It seems like a good time to explore the impact of my internship experience, instead of merely rushing off into the next new thing in my undergraduate adventure.

My internship at WCBN has helped me grow close to the U-M community over the summer, for which I was grateful. Although I will be a senior come fall, I still feel very much a newbie on campus in Ann Arbor, having only transferred in last year. Through this internship, I have made new connections with students and alumni from many different schools, and have watched admiringly as their combined talents made the radio station a creative and fulfilling environment for everyone involved. Though I may be abandoning my college (and my country) for a year, I will take these connections with me and very likely reconnect with them on return.


I have always strived to be a self-motivated worker, and WCBN is the place where I’ve been most challenged in that respect. From fashioning my own social media plan to executing it from start to finish with only minimal supervision, the pressure and responsibility has been on me for the majority of my work. My freedom in this respect was matched by a newfound stress as I was often pressed to take initiative for things I had simply never done before. Luckily, the staff here is incredible and were always willing to help me find the best direction, even if at times it was difficult to know who to contact and how. And the results of my endeavors are pretty impressive, and I can say that I was primarily responsible, which is a pretty big deal, especially on my resume! Our numbers on our social media platforms skyrocketed, we had a great increase in user interaction, we drew in new fans and potential volunteers, and the WCBN volunteer community is especially pleased to be able to engage with an active online presence and see their hard work get some attention.


I’ll miss WCBN, and I hope I can come back and help next summer. I have an invitation to continue as a volunteer during this school year, but being on the other side of the world will have its own set of challenges. It would be nice to have that anchor to something familiar during my study abroad, but with all the amazing people at the helm, I’m certain the radio can get along without me for a while.



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