Help the African Child Foundation Interview and Abhokobi Visit

On Sunday my research partner and I started off the day by interviewing one of the founders of the Help the African Child Foundation. We interviewed him over lunch. He provided another perspective that we had not seen. He specifically works with the workers who work in Agbogbloshie and provides support and aid to other initiatives such as providing schools to orphans. He offered a real perspective of what is going on with at the electronic waste and the lack of support from the government and large NGOS. He talked about how some journalist pay money to the scrap dealers association to take photos of the workers and the journalist only give the workers the amount of 25 cents. Some people come in and take blood samples however they do not follow up with the results of their findings with the workers. He also discussed that some non-profits have received millions to provide infrastructure to improve the recycling and make it safer, however they have not built any real infrastructure. In terms of the government he says that sometimes they giving aid to the wrong associations which leads to not many of the workers benefiting. His perspective allow us to see that the electronic waste is more complicating than we originally thought.

After the interview, we visited the village of Abhokobi where one of the summer school professors lives at. Abhokobi is a beautiful and friendly town. We got to meet the family of the summer school professor and have food with them.


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