Dr. Fobil interview and the Final Day of Oceanography School

Friday was the final day of the oceanography summer school. I helped write down the feedback gave and things they would like to see in the future. The day ended with each student receiving a certificate of completion of the summer school (including me). After the summer school concluded my research partner and I left to interview another faculty member. Dr. Fobil is a professor in public health at the University of Ghana. We ended up conducting the interview with him over lunch. During the interview he discussed about the current health situations and studies that have been conducted. He said that studies are expensive and therefore there have not been long term cohort studies that follow the electronic waste workers’ over time. In the future he expects to see more studies conducted. He agreed with the fact that because the workers do not have access to adequate safety measures they expose themselves to the various metals that harm their health. Lack of disposal and outdoor housing also exposes the workers to things such as malaria and infectious diseases. He forwarded my partner and I more papers on work that has been down and some future projects.


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