A Thought on My Internship | #4

This summer, I have started to realize that my internship is flying by with a speed unknown to my past work experiences. With only a week left of work, it feels like only yesterday I returned from my semester abroad, yet soon enough I will be moving back to Ann Arbor. At first, I attributed this hasty summer to a busy schedule, long workdays, and a lot of sleeping in between. Now, however, reflecting back, I think it was the lack of challenges in my internship that allowed me to slide through this summer without taking a moment to truly think about what kind of work I was doing.

With that said, I love working for Effortless Events, and they really do set up an exemplary and learning-driven internship program that would be perfect for someone dead set on entering this industry. I, on the other hand, seek more of a challenge after graduation and feel that I have only really explored my communications degree, and not my psychology major. With this realization, I sat down to think about what it is I want to dedicate my time to after I graduate. I knew all along that in the grand scheme of things I would like to work internationally and make a difference either humanitarianly or environmentally, and event planning does not meet either of those criteria. So, while frankly I am lost once again as to where I will stand after graduation, I at least have a larger scope of opportunities to examine and a lot of research to do this upcoming semester.


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