#4 Meeting with National Youth Authority, Agbogbloshie and Old Fadama Visit

On Tuesday my research partner and I met with the Director of Technical Projects for the National Youth AuthoritNational Youth Authority

School RoomCopper bag

y. The NYA is the owners of the land that is now the e-waste site. Theo told us that the NYA acquired the rights to the land in 2006 and intended to use the land for a recreational area with water activities and other things. However temporary workers were placed there and they never left. This facilitated the growth of e-waste collection and dismantling. The NYA currently is hoping to develop a youth center and training facility. The NYA however does not have the funds to develop such a center and need to partner with other organizations. The NYA has built a similar youth center in Kumasi, Ghana. This meeting with the NYA was very important because we learned about how they originally intended for recreational activities such as boat cruising. In the long term the Director of Technical Projects would like to see the land reclaimed to what it used to be.

After the NYA meeting we went back to Agbogbloshie and toured Old Fadama as well. We met with the Help the African Child founder and the solar reseller. We walk through the slum area with them and visiting the school again. It is really a small world as our solar lantern had been the one to supply the power for the school that the Help the African Child founder works in. After the school we went back into the electronic waste site. We met with more of the workers and talked with them. One of the workers is an aspiring rapper and he gave a live performance of one of his songs. After that we regrouped and departed Agbogbloshie.



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