Blog #5 | Most rewarding part of internship

While most people may say that experience of doing the work or meeting the people are the best parts, I’d have to say that the most rewarding part was assembling and presenting a 10-minute talk of my research.

Now, 10 minutes to present all of the background and data to make a coherent story that is comprehensible is pretty difficult, but more importantly, it forces you to think about and remind yourself the big picture goals.  It allows you to think about how these different experiments and results interact with each other to better understand a disease.  It allows you to see where the research is heading in the near future.

It’s so rewarding being able to stand on front a room full of students, physicians, and scientists and being able to talk about the amazing things you have discovered and how it’ll impact what we already know, and well as how it will impact the understanding of patient-specific disease.

It couldn’t be a better end to my internship.


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