Working with Children| #4

In working with children, I have learned a few things. Some of these things I knew already, but only experienced with one, maybe two children, but not with 20.

-Follow the leader: Kids love to do this. If one child is making a noise or doing something, they all start doing it. It’s worse when its an annoying sound, and you have to quiet the group down but they think its a game.

-The constant noise making: I’m pretty sure they do this because they are bored, but, my goodness. The noises range from screaming to making clicking sounds with your mouth.

-Chanting: For some reason, chanting is a childs favorite past time activity. Whether chanting about beinf pushed faster on a swing, or chanting random words in a particular order, the kids were definitely pro’s at this.

-Pulling on the stroller/buggy: Everyday we would take the kids outside and walk around or do whatever activity that was on the agenda for that day. While walking, they loved to pull on the strollers or the buggy. Imagine pushing a giant buggy that has 4 kids on it, and have two kids on each side of you pulling on the buggy as well. As if pushing 4 children was not already a struggle.

-Screaming for no reason: This goes along with the constant noise making. A child would literally stand there and let out an eerir squeel. For what reason, the world may never know.

-Annoying one another/child drama: Annoying another child is bound to happen regardless. But some of the kids literally lived out a real life soap opera. I’ve never seen a 2 and 3 year old have drama like some of these kids did. Take for instance the drama between Maya and Jonas. Jons took Maya’s toy and accidentally hit her. Maya got upset and said Jonas wasn’t her friend anymore. Naturally, Jonas started to cry, because Maya was his best friend. When asking Maya is Jonas your friend, even making them apologize to one another, she said no, which made Jonas upset even more. The next day, it was the same thing, except, Maya wasn’t Jonas’ friend anymore. It was such a great episode of the “young and the restless”. There was also a fight between two kids right before I left. I mean a real fist fight, with kicking and all between a 4 and 5 year old.

-The art of patience: I am the type of person who has very little patience and a very low tolerance level. But, working with kids taught me how to be more patient, and calm. I’ve learned to wait for them, instead of rushing to do something. I’ve learned that you have to approach certain situations nice and easy, and donot get so upset when kids push your buttons, because they know the right ones to push!


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