The Lion City | #4

Singapore became a nation state 51 years ago from August 9th. It’s often referred to as the Lion City, due to its famous merlion statues. With approximately 5.8 million inhabitants, this tiny city-state island is the world’s most expensive city to live.

One of the landmark buildings is Marina Bay Sands. Three high-rise towers stand connected at the top and bottom facing Marina Bay. The luxurious establishment consists of a hotel, a casino, a spa, a gym, a shopping mall, a museum, and some restaurants and bars. The rooftop carries Spago, Ce La Vi, and the notorious infinity pool.

Another landmark site, not far from MBS, is the Gardens by the Bay. Located right on the bay, the nature park is home to thousands of plants. The gardens’ main attraction is the supertree light show, which occurs hourly every single night of the week.

The work lifestyle here is pretty intense. People typically work from 9am to 6pm or 8am to 7pm. There’s no minimum wage here, and the cost of living (primarily for transit, housing, and utilities) is crazy expensive. But somehow, there aren’t any homeless people here… Or maybe I just haven’t seen one yet.

To own a car costs a hefty chunk of money. First, in order to drive a car, one must obtain a driving certificate. Due to the small supply and large demand, these certifications cost a whopping $100,000 SGD, and they must be renewed every 10 years. Second, the cost of a car typically begins around $70,000 SGD. The public transit is the cheapest way to get around, but Grabs and Ubers and plain ol’ regular cabs are commonly used forms of transportation.

The party is almost never ends. Wednesday nights are ladies’ night at the majority of nightlife establishments. You can find the bars and clubs buzzing with people on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Club Kyo is the hotspot on Thursday nights, since the club does its own ladies’ night. On Sundays, you can find everyone partying island-style at Tanjong Beach Club on Sentosa Island.

If you have the opportunity to go to Singapore, I say do it. Singapore is both a financial hub and a key economic center to southeast Asia. The people are nice, and the city is safe and clean. Also, there are a ton of expats, so you won’t feel like a complete outsider. There’s still so much I’ve yet to do, and I’ve made a ton of friends who live on this side of the world, so I would love to return to Singapore someday.


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