Blog #4: Friendships and Mentorship

I have met many amazing people throughout my internship experience.  As part of my program, I spent a lot of time with my fellow cohort members.  There’s nine of us in total, and we spent all of our Mondays together through our Civic Leadership Sessions and meet after work hours to work on our group project.

I first had a chanced to meet my cohort through our program’s retreat; we spent three days together, learning much about professionalism, Asian American history and empowerment.

Everyone got along incredibly well and I knew I was in good hands for the next nine weeks.

Through working together and learning together, the time we spent has really fostered what I hope to be life long friendships.  We all come from different backgrounds, and after this internship we will go back to school and walk our own paths, but this nine weeks that we spent together is something I won’t forget.  It has such been a critical period of growth for all of us and it’s been amazing to see everyone’s progress.  I’m very grateful to have been able to work with such a wonderful team.

I have also had the chance to learn from many great mentors; these mentors include board members of the CAUSE organization itself; Charlie Woo, chair and Wen Hong, vice-chair.  It also included people from my office who taught me how to handle all the tasks of a congressional office.  They have all offered me great insights and advice into all the possibilities and options that’s out there.  I’m so grateful that these incredibly busy people took out their time to meet with young people like myself and offer all their help for our better future.


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