A Final Thought | #7

While I’m not quite done contributing to my internship, this post marks the end of my contribution to this blog. As I finish up this portion of my career preparation, and I take a look around at all you other intern-bloggers, I’m left with more questions about my future career than answers.

All my fellow interns at my internship seemed to have more experience and drive than me. They were taking summer classes, or only interning for part of the summer to go volunteer abroad. The other intern-bloggers here seem to have found some other sense of purpose from their internships, a sense that they for sure do or don’t want to do a specific thing in their career.

Will having a film major make med schools not want to choose me? Will having a medical internship make film employers not want to hire me? Is it possible that in trying to pursue two careers I will end up not being able to achieve either?

As I finish this up, the one thing I can hold on to is my very first day of my internship, when I first saw that mountain of unused life saving medical supplies just sitting in our warehouse, waiting to be sent overseas. The ennormity of the issue of medical supply wastage, and all the lives being effective nearly brought me to tears, but it also filled me with a fire to help as many people as I possibly could.

I want to hold onto that fire. I want to be passionate about what I am doing, and I want to help people.


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