Final Thoughts | #5

I have just finished my time with Families for Excellent Schools and it is a bittersweet goodbye.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to work alongside ambitious professionals but mostly to have grow during these last couple of months.

Interning with  FES helped me have a clearer picture for what kind of internship experience I wanted while participating in the Michigan in Washington Fall 2016 program.


Education reform has long been a passion of mine but getting to work on the creative team helped me have the design and creative aspect that I was seeking. Helping with the coordination of events, campaign logo designs, and being with direct contact with kids from all over New York gave me an insight into what I expect and want from an internship program.

Now when looking into internship opportunities, I know what kind of questions to ask due to the experience I have had. There is no better way to get an idea for what you want as a career than to intern as much as possible and gain real world experience in the workforce.

Fortunately enough, I was able to have both. Experience and an internship I enjoyed.



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