Denver Explorations

During my summer internship, I have gotten to learn a great deal about Denver. I have seen the city and gotten to experience it firsthand, something I have been very grateful for.

Although I have been to Denver more times than I can count, I have never experienced it from this perspective. While all of my prior visits have been as a tourist, this one has been from the perspective of someone who lives and works in the city. I have gotten familiar with the layout of the city, from downtown to the outer edges. I have gotten to see a variety of Denver’s offerings by attending numerous baseball games, concerts, and nightclubs. Coors field, home of the Rockies, is one of my favorite sports venues. Red Rocks Amphitheater, a world renown venue, is one of the most beautiful places to see live music. I also have developed an arsenal of delicious eateries. Walter’s 303 Pizzeria, The Tavern, and Machete Tacos are some of my favorites, although not the only ones.  I have been quite fortunate to learn so much about such a beautiful city, and certainly will consider living here in the future.


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