Blog 5 | Favorite Experience

My summer at Lionsgate and Access Hollywood have been extremely memorable and rewarding. While I have had many amazing experiences, I will give my favorite experience from each internship.

During my time at Lionsgate I have had the opportunity to work on many projects for upcoming, unreleased films. While I cannot pin point any one specific experience, one of my favorite experiences was watching Lionsgate’s upcoming film, LA LA Land, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, one day at work. It was a slow day so my supervisor let me choose which film I wanted to watch, as there is always time to watch an upcoming film. I spent two hours of my day falling in love with the film and am excited to see it in theaters in December! In addition to this experience, I really enjoyed sitting in on my department (International Marketing and Promotions) meetings. During these meetings I was informed on upcoming promotional and marketing ideas, some of which were extremely confidential. During my time at Lionsgate, San Diego’s Comic Con happened and it was extremely interesting to see how studios prepare for such a jam-packed, important weekend. We had many films at Comic Con, specifically Nerve, Power Rangers, and Blair Witch. Prior to Comic Con, Lionsgate had released their upcoming horror film as The Woods. Immediately after screening of The Woods, the actual title, Blair Witch, was released as marketing stunt. This was fascinating to watch as it increased marketing buzz and talk about the upcoming film.

During my time at Access Hollywood I have seen many celebrities, attended a premiere, strolled through the Universal back lot where many major motion pictures are filmed,  and attended the opening of attractions at Universal Studios. Of all of these experiences my favorite is walking through the back lot. There is something special about walking through this lot and knowing that there is magic going on inside of those sound stages. As I walked through on my way back from a private Jason Bourne screening, I could hear the voices of actors, directors, and producers in the distant, as golf cars zipped past me. I could wander around the lot for hours entering different parts of the world one after another. One moment I was in Europe, the next I was in Western Land, and then I was on Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. It is amazing to walk through the lot and realize how much entertainment history has been made there and what a special place it is. The ability to walk through the lot whenever I please is going to be one of the things that I miss the most.

Overall I had an amazing experience at Lionsgate and Access Hollywood. I have created a web of connections and gained an immense amount of knowledge about this industry. I am extremely grateful to have two internships at such large, respected companies and hope to pursue a career in Entertainment post graduation.


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