Blessed | Blog#7


As my yearlong journey as a research assistant was coming to the end, I just realized how blessed I have been. I originally found my research position through the UROP research book. I applied to four positions and interviewed for all 4. I was lucky enough to receive offers from all four positions. However, when I interviewed for these positions I only felt comfortable interviewing for Buchman’s lab. Just to add to my stress level at the time I did not find out if I got the position till the very last minute. At the time I was given a deadline to commit to the other labs and I still haven’t heard back from Buchman’s lab. I was in put in a very difficult position but in the end I decided to decline the offers from the other labs and take my chances because this was the only lab I was excited enough to work at.Throughout the year I kept realizing what a great decision that was.

Throughout the year the lab became like a huge family to me. While we still worked hard, the work environment was always positive and lighthearted. Everyone in the lab became super close and it made working long days totally manageable. Throughout the year I really did not have the opportunity get as involved in my lab, but because of this amazing opportunity I was give through the LSA Scholarship I had the chance to realize how amazing my lab is.

Because of this summer internship I had the opportunity to build great relationships with the doctor mentors in my lab. I build life long connections with my mentors and I am excited to continue building these relationships throughout my education at the University of Michigan.


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