#2 -Scrubbing In!

For those who are unfamiliar with the medical world, allow me to inform you of what “scrubbing in’ is. Scrubbing in is when you perform a special kind of wash or sterilization of your upper body when you are about to perform surgery. Surgery is a delicate process which requires a certain level of cleanliness to be performed. Keep in mind we are dealing with an open body and person, which is susceptible to infection and even death if the proper measures and precautions aren’t taken.

So because I am not a licensed doctor, I had to fill out some paper work and take a class in order to scrub in. Doing this would allow me to actually be on the operating table with the surgeons and the assistants, and I would be able to touch the patient, the opening, etc, etc,. The first time I scrubbed in, it felt like I was actually a surgeon. I did everything my surgeon did. I held the instruments and felt for certain parts of the body that I was being taught about. That day was really exciting!


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