Lobbying for a Post-Grad Job- #5

My internship at NFI has heavily influenced the career path I plan on embarking on.  I have always held an interest in lobbying and this internship has wholeheartedly solidified it.  It has been incredibly helpful to be able to shadow my boss and see the inside track of Washington.  From meetings with congressmen, to fundraiser, to the Trafficking in Persons report release with Secretary Kerry himself this internship has shown me the true life of a lobbyist.

And to my surprise I learned that it isn’t all about the persuasion and glitz.  It also involves mounds of work.  Including the 3 month long cost-analysis spreadsheet I was tasked with completing on a policy set forth by the administration.  After all, there needs to be meat to the argument you present to the congressmen.

Even considering the copious amount of work and long hours required by this occupation, I am confident I would like to pursue this career path post graduation.  It is incredibly rewarding and challenging.  The only aspect I would change would be the subject material.  I am not as interested in fisheries management as I am in the trade policy aspect of my internship so I would really love to explore that in more depth.

Cumulatively this internship has been eye-opening and exciting.  Living in Washington has been an incredible experience.  I am excited to explore more opportunities in this sphere and utilize the experience I gained this summer.



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