Final thoughts #5 – Topic 7/10

As I finished up my last week at my internship, I started to reflect back on the last ten weeks. I asked myself what I learned and what I will ultimately take away from this experience, whether it be from the tasks completed or wise words that my coworkers shared with me. One thing is for sure; I will miss the people. The people make the job, and as I was told, it can also break it too. The people that you are surrounded by for 8+ hours a day will become some of your most valued assets. If I did not enjoy the time spent at my internship, it was not because of my coworkers. Although there were times of disagreement within our world of office politics, I was truly fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse set of characters, each taking on a different role within our family. The dull moments were often filled with infectious chuckles or gaudy jokes. For my own shortcomings were supported by those around me. I would be lucky to find such an amazing group of people to work with in the future.

The bonds that we foster and grow are the ones that will persevere through the test of time. I formed some of these closer bonds in the later weeks of my stay, which I was sad to see it start so late, but happy that it happened in the first place. Also, if anyone (from Fabory) were to read this, I am terrible at goodbyes. As my final weeks came to an end, everyone asked me about what I was feeling as my internship came to a close. I couldn’t give them the answer they were hoping to hear. Instead, I told them that I didn’t know or I couldn’t feel the impending finish. Only on my last day, when everyone gathered in the large office space to wish me the best and send me off back to Ann Arbor, did I start to understand how much I would miss our family and the bonds that I held dearly. Woefully, even my last goodbyes were not up to the standards I wish I set in hindsight.

This internship, my first of a hopeful many, shaped how I viewed the work (adult) life. I don’t believe that the work I was doing was what really had the most meaningful impact on me; although, I did gain some neat SAP and excel skills. It was the holistic view of what I will want my future past college to look like. Will I want to work with the people who make the job? Or, will I need to have a job that satisfies my intellectual cravings? As vague as it is, this ‘experience’ has given me a lot to think about with many things to consider. It opened up my eyes more than I ever imagined.

If you asked me “would you do it again?”, I would definitely say yes.


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