Everyone’s Friend, aka “The Puppy”


One of my lasting memories of working with IMPACT, PIRGIM, or MI PIRG, is of our current director, and the person who hired me, Analise Dobbelstein, aka “The Puppy!”

It’s hard to put into words my opinion of the effect this woman has had on this organization. I can best describe her as a builder or a climber. She has a tremendous ability to take the people, activities, and goals of an organization, and assemble all of the pieces into a highly functioning group that’s a blast to be a part of.

Originally from the town of Bemidji, Minnesota, Analise  brought her degree in Political Science from prestigious Gustavus Adolphus College (2014) to IMPACT two years ago.

I can easily see her functioning at a much higher level of political/social change campaigning than we are currently involved with. For some reason, I believe she would have fit in well with an Obama campaign team.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to look up in 20 years and see her as the Chief of Staff for either President-to-be Michelle Obama, or Chelsea Clinton. The girl has skillz that are that mad!!!

While the PIRGIM part of our office will close next week, she will continue to work for IMPACT here in Ann Arbor. I wish her on anyone that aspires to a career in Environmental Sciences.




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