A Creative’s Day at FES | #4

One of my many tasks throughout my internship was to take photos. Whether that be during our normal office hours, while onset at shoots, during surprise birthday parties, meetings, and much more.

This task was particularly difficult because sometimes I had to get out of my comfort zone and take photos of others while they were doing their work or presenting their work but this experience has taught me to be more assertive and ask others if they mind being photographed because 9 times out of 10 people usually don’t mind!

After speaking out and letting my coworkers know I was not just willing but also in need of shots, I had some come up to me and ask me if I could take their headshot or ask for certain photos if they were working on special projects.

An important lesson was learning how although speaking up isn’t always easy, especially when you are an intern, but most of the time people are willing to help if you ask.

As a Creative Brand & Strategy intern, my day to day tasks change from needing to be present at filming events to running out hard drives to offices all over New York. Sometimes I was creating databases for existing and new photos or updating our Vimeo accounts. Other days, I needed to work on English to Spanish translations or take photos around our office.

It is easy to say that there never was a dull moment at FES.



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