Taking the Lead | Blog Post #4

One of the best parts of my summer thus far has been regularly taking on the Lead Instructor role on our boat programs at Inland Seas. While I got my feet wet last year shadowing the lead position once or twice, this new role I have taken on seems like a fitting transition from my work at Inland Seas last summer. While many professors and advisors encourage college students to explore as many different jobs and internships as possible – and caution them not to fall into a comfortable position or routine – I left Inland Seas last summer feeling like there was still so much I could learn, and this summer has proven that inclination to be exactly right.

While I am closing in on the final few weeks of my second summer interning with Inland Seas, every day at work still brings new experiences and new opportunities. As I am currently researching employment, travel, and graduate school options for after I graduate next spring, I have decided that whatever I choose to do, I never want to stop learning. I wholeheartedly believe that as informative as school can be, there are just as many learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and I want to seek out those educational opportunities and pursue them. Despite being completely undecided about my post-grad plans, my biggest fear is becoming too complacent with my career and losing the drive to explore as much as I possibly can.

This internship has taught me how important your coworkers are in challenging you with new information and perspectives, and that no matter how much you love your job, the people you share it with can make your experience better than you ever could have imagined. The staff and boat volunteers I work with double as my networking circle, my teachers, and my friends. I have learned so much from them and their experiences, and they have helped to make this second summer as unique and informative as the first.

So as worried and excited as I am about finishing up my undergraduate career and starting the next chapter of my life, I have become more okay with the fact that I do not have a definitive plan yet. I have committed myself to being a life-long learner, and even if that’s as much as I have figured out as I finish up my internship and start my senior year, that is more than enough for me.



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